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Elements of Earth and Energy, Inc. (EEE, Inc.)

is a California based corporation offering solar

Photovoltaic (PV), Advanced Energy Storage, Sustainable

Housing and Urban Farming solutions to residential and commercial

clients throughout our communities.  We are your one-stop-shop for design,

engineering, permitting, installation, inspection, and maintenance for sustainable solutions in our communities.  We specialize in new or existing improvement projects that reduce your electric bill, eliminate it completely and/or can help you design and build your own Urban Farm powered by renewable energy, to grow the most amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish.  We offer emergency battery back up, load shedding and peak demand solutions to hedge against future rate increases by the utilities, city black and brown outs, and hybrid on/off grid solutions.  EEE is a licensed General Building and Solar contractor registered with the California State License Board # 969938.


We will assist you to get the maximum allowable rebates and incentives available for your project.

If you've had enough of high-energy bills, call us and we will give you peace of mind once again. We design and build:

  • solar electrical PV systems

  • urban aquaponic farms

  • electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

  • smart phone PV monitoring

  • panel level monitoring of solar PV panels

  • solar PV air conditioner systems

  • solar PV water heater systems

  • heat pump integrated solar PV systems

  • solar PV pool pump solutions

  • energy management systems

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