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Aquaponic Greenhouses

by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions and Colorado Aquaponics

These commercial Aquaponic Greenhouses are designed by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions  and then built by EEE, Inc. on site.   


Colorado Aquaponics then designs and installs the Aquaponic farming system so the fish will be eating with smiles and plants growing with fervor. These greenhouses are well insulated and extremely energy efficient. Since they won't overheat or freeze, you'll be able to grow almost anything year-round and sustainably: tomatoes, herbs, fresh greens, strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, nuts, fish . . .  and more!


These amazing, year-round greenhouse are:


  • Smart

  • Sustainable

  • Abundant, and grow

  • 365 days a year!

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Ceres Greenhouses are designed to be integrated with a Ground to Heat Transfer (GAHT) system. An advanced climate battery, a GAHT systems store heat in the soil underground, providing year-round climate control - and a warm naturally heated space - using only a few small fans.

Give us a call.  As a General Contractor, we streamlined the entire process for you.  


We will take care of plans, engineering stamps, permitting, building, grading and filling the greenhouse with an amazing aquaponic system to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, fish and herbs.


We provide a 3-4 day immersive training course with your purchase through Colorado Aquaponics.  The course provides you with all that you need to maintain your new aquaponic system and care for your fish.




Easy 3 steps process to having your own greenhouse.


1,000 sq. ft.

3,000 sq. ft.

 In addition, these Aquaponic Greenhouses can be:


  • Scaled to meet your requirements

  • Tailored to your climate for best performance

  • Customized to blend with your home or commercial property

  • Designed for any snow load and wind load to create a long-lasting, durable structure

  • Integrated with Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system (see below left)

24' x 40'

30' x 96'

Renderings show the Flourish 30' x 96' Aquaponic Farm TM  in a Ceres Passive Solar Greenhouse with east - west ridge line

The Flourish Aquaponic Farm TM  in a Ceres Passive Solar Greenhouse

Ceres_GreenHouse_23x40B NEW_GAHT_infographic