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Solar PV  systems

On or off grid solutions

Battery back up / energy storage

Load management

Demand response

Infrared camera testing

Electrical panel upgrade

Energy Efficiency Consulting


It all starts with a phone call and reviewing your last 12 months of electric bills.  We will then provide

you with 3 solutions that you can revew.  After you choose the solution that bests suits your needs, our

NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional will visit your property to perform a pre-site visit to visually inspect

the property.  We will then design, engineer, install, commission and set up an annual maintenance program. We will outline the range of potential financial incentives available from Federal, State, Local, and Utility sources.

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Anaheim City Theater

125 kW


SMA TriPower Inverters


Designed, Installed, Commissioned


Solar PV water heating

Smart Phone integration

Smart Phone monitoring

Emergency Back Up

Load Shedding

Time of Use options

Energy Management