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We are entering a new era of less water,

food, energy and housing to sustain our population.  

Our earth will soon have close to 8 billion people.  There are and will be shortages of eco friendly housing in our communities around the world.


Our climate crisis has pushed us to a tipping point.  We need to come together to build eco friendly villages and neighborhoods that are regenerative to mother earth and her natural resources:  elements of earth and energy.  


Let's build these healthy and safe, eco friendly villages and provide a healthier future for our families and local economies.  And let's build these villages for those that need shelter, food and water most:  the homeless, veterans, those physically challenged and those with mental conditions, such as Autistism Spectrum Condition.  

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  • We are currently entertaining offers to help fund the development of new eco villages in Southern California.


  • We are partnering with land developers, architects, engineers, universities and other entities to optimize the social benefits in developing these projects.


  • If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your interest in EEE, Inc., please call  805.231.0822  or click on our  Contact page and submit an inquiry.  

Let's Build a Healthier Future Together

These villages will be/have:


  • Safe, healthy, comfortable, energy effient and beautiful with prestine indoor air quality;

  • Eco friendly, regenerative buildings and structures that connect residents to light, air, food, water, energy, nature, and the surrounding community;

  • Energy positive, producing more energy than they use;

  • Self-sufficient and earth consciously resourceful; and

  • Water conscious, generating their own water, as well as collect, purify and treat the water used on site.


The buildings in these eco villages will be alive and vibrant, giving more to the environment and residents than they take, creating a positive impact on the human, biological and natural systems with which they interact.