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Mission Statement

To improve the health and safety, comfort, indoor air quality, durability and energy efficiency of our  homes and buildings.  



To save lives.


To maintain Los Angeles and Ventura County's economic vitality by educating the residents of these Counties about the importance of supporting our local business establishments, especially domestically produced solar panels, racking, inverters and other balance-of-system components, showcasing not only American solar technology production but also the industry’s domestic manufacturing supply chain.  These community businesses are the back-bone of our community and employ over half of all private-sector workers.  Collectively, the supply chain puts thousands of Americans to work in high-value manufacturing jobs creating products that live up to our nation’s standards of sustainability, safety and quality.  Sales-tax revenues from our products and services help to fund schools, police, fire and emergency medical services, and more.

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To support our local agriculture, here in our communities, to produce fresh, healthy, natural food the way nature intended.  This fosters trust, helps build value based communities, brings people closer to the land and the farm, and reduces carbon emmission pollutants inherent in the transportation used for imports.  Also, growing lusterous and aromatic fruits and vegetables closer to our dinner plates allows them to ripen and fully develop their vitamins, minerals and delicious flavor that we've been missing so much.


To protect mother earth and be part of a carbon-free, sustainable energy economy.  


To promote healing, wellness and a shift in consciousness.