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Our Focus


We are presently focusing on state of the art, Net Zero, fully scalable, closed loop, on- or off- grid Aquaponic systems.  We have brought into our grasp, the disciplines of physics, geology, ecology, climatology, biology, chemistry, energy, economics, and others to supplement our current food production and distribution systems.  EEE’s experience in energy efficiency, water conservation and alternative energy is helping to pave the way for Net Zero Communities integrated with Aquaponic Farms and Greenhouses.


Our team is progressive and open to the changes of our evolving future.  Our goal is to help our communities build indoor systems to produce local, fresh, nutritious, non-gmo fruits, vegetables and protein, such as fish and crustaceans.  By controlling the climate, we can grow food in almost all climates, on or off the grid. And by converting the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere into food, we can fight global warming in a positive way and reduce the acidification of our oceans.


Let us rebuild our ecosystems one system at a time!

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We have our earth's future of food production in the palm of our hand!