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Research and Development

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Our initial Urban Farming research is focusing on ways to improve the quality of the food we eat, conserve the water used in the process and power the operation by renewable energy.  We are reading up on ecology, environmental science, biology, earth systems, waste management, aquaponics, bio-ponics, aquaculture, soil ecology and much more.


We welcome you to join us in this journey to help our communities live a much healthier life, starting with a nutritious meal, consisting of the very produce we pick together - locally from within our urban communities, not from afar.

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This is Jeff picking fresh tomatoes off the vine at a commercial grower in Camarillo, CA.  These tomatoes are grown hydroponically, with elevated CO2 levels to enhance the natural capacity of the tomato plant. He will tell you that the freshly picked tomato is sweeter than anything he could find in our local supermarkets.  These are all grown indoors with climate control. He consulted this facility's management on renewable energy, specifically PV, the electromagnetic spectrum and load analysis.  

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This is Ken and Jeff (in red) at Ken's Ouroboros Farm located in Half Moon Bay, CA.  Ken designed and built this aquaponic greehouse and is supplying over 500 restaurants in San Francisco with fresh and vibrant local produce, as well as 800 lbs of the best tasting and succulent catfish around from the organic fish feed Ken sources for feeding the fish. The picture to the right is a small aquaponic system you will see unpon entering Ouroboros Farm.  We admire such a wonderful system and farm.  


It would be an honor to collaborate with Ken, and others, and build an indoor aquaponic farm to help feed our communites.  Such a farm would also be a living laboratory for what could be done if we all come together for a common purpose - to help fight food, water and energy insecurity.  The lettuce is absolutely delicious!

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