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This residential greenhouse designed by Ceres is well insulated and extremely energy efficient.  Since it won't overheat or freeze, you'll be able to grow almost anything year-round and sustainably: tomatoes, herbs, fresh greens, strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, nuts, fish . . .  


Ceres’ optimized greenhouse designs show construction document set, dimensions, materials and layouts for year-round 10′ x 12', 12' x 18', or

12' x 24' greenhouses.  In addition, these greenhouses can be:


  • Tailored to your climate for best performance

  • Easily erected out of pre-fabricated parts

  • Customized to blend with your home

  • Designed for any snow load and wind load to create a long-lasting, durable structure

  • Integrated with Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system

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        Ceres greenhouses are:  Smart.  Sustainable.  Abundant.  365 days a year!

Ceres Greenhouses are designed to be integrated with a Ground to Heat Transfer (GAHT) system. An advanced climate battery, a GAHT systems store heat in the soil underground, providing year-round climate control - and a warm naturally heated space - using only a few small fans.

Give us a call.  As a General Contractor, we streamlined the entire process for you.  


We will take care of plans, engineering stamps, permitting, building, grading and filling the greenhouse with an amazing aquaponic system to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, fish and herbs.


We provide a 3-4 day immersive training course with your purchase.  The course provides you with all that you need to maintain your new aquaponic system and care for your fish.




Easy 3 steps process to having your own greenhouse.