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Asset Management


  • EEE will monitor you site daily to ensure that the system is performing to specification.  Our team of solar professionals monitor for all system compenont degredation, not just the solar panels!


Preventative Maintenance


  • The operations and maintenance team performs regular onsite inspections, diagnostics and preventative maintenance to address any potential or current issues to ensure your systems continues to perform as designed.


Corrective Maintenance


  • Once we have isolated any issues, our corrective maintenance team will develop an effective solution.  We will then schedule, with the site facility manager, a convenient time to employ our professional field service technicians to implement the solution.


Solar Array Cleaning


  • PV panel performance can degrade by 25% or more, without adequate cleaning.  To maintain optimal energy production, solar PV arrays require periodic solar panel cleanings, especially in areas of high airborne particulates (dust, exhaust, coastal salts, organic debris, industrial processors). Solar panel cleaning has become a critical industry best practice and often offers a simple and cost effecitve method to increase a rate of return by 25% or more.


Unparalled Experience in the Industry


  • EEE has been troubleshooting solar PV systems since 2010.  You see, we started as a troubleshooter, so we understand the fundamentals of troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. We have built our business from knowing what not to do . . . to knowing how to do it right the first time!

We offer piece of mind . . . 


. . . while you sleep, to ensure your solar electrical systems continue to operate at their highest levels - so they will stand the test of time, by offering these Solar Services:

  • Asset Management

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance

  • Solar Array Cleaning

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