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Blue Ion 2.0 Energy Storage System

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Prepare for the next grid outage and power your home with Blue Ion 2.0 Energy Storage system, whether the grid is on or off!


The system above is a 16 kWh bimodal system utilizing the new, Lithium Ferrous Phosphate technology, engineered and assembled in Hawaii. They are very efficient energy management systems and assembled in the U.S.A.  They are an intelligent, integrated and interactive way to store and distribute energy that is affordable, efficient, and effective for emergency and uninterrupted power generation, smart demand response management solutions, and utility grid integrated power distribution and generation systems for industry needs worldwide.


These energy storage systems last 8 times longer and are about 1/3 of the weight and 6 times the power than that of the traditional lead acid battery back up system.  These systems are fully functioning, scalable and completely mobile upon request!

  • 8,000 cycles @ 100% depth of discharge, 98% round trip efficiency

  • No ventilation required, no off-gassing, non-toxic

  • Safe and reliable, no maintenance

  • Thermal stability, no heat build-up, no thermal runaway, no memory effect

  • Proprietary Battery Management Systems (BMS) provides surge protection

  • Small footprint, modular, scalable – 1/3 the weight & size of other battery chemistries

  • Moisture and corrosion resistant

  • 15 year warranty

  • Operate in extreme temperatures (-20° to 45° C) with no loss of cycle life

  • Will never pose a threat to the immediate environment from fumes or acids

  • UL 1642, 1973 and 9540

  • 16 kWh - 500 lbs.  


These (load shedding/peak shaving) on or off grid, battery back up systems are:


  • portable

  • non-toxic

  • non-corrosive

  • no off gassing

  • safe and reliable

  • less costly to install

  • environmentally friendly

  • comes with a mobile app

  • zero maintenance required

  • has an unparalleled long life

  • non-hazardous for future generations

  • supports new or existing solar installations

  • does not get damaged at low temperatures

  • modular and scalable  (24, 32, 48 kWh, or more)

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EEE is a proud dealer of Blue Planet Energy for Ventura and Los Angeles County.  Give us a call at 805-231-0822 for a quote.