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Solar Patio Covers

Patio covers with solar are aesthetically pleasing and efficient.  The solar panels stay cooler than they would on the rooftop, which means more production and ultimately, a lower electric bill.


They add shade and a sexy appeal!

These Solar Patio Covers by Lumos are changing the way we experience solar!

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•    easier to clean than climbing on the roof

•    stay cooler which means more power and lower electric bill

•    they add valuable shade to the backyard and by the pool

•    100% USA products

Benefits of Solar Patio Covers

These SolarScapes are modular, pre-fabricated structures made from powder coated, machined and welded 6061 aluminum for maximum durability.


As a General Contractor, we can build virtually any structure that you like  Give us a call and we will be happy to visit your property and, together, we can design a solution that best suits your needs and is absolutely beautiful!

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SolarScapes by Lumos