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Solar Troubleshooting

Since 2010, Jeff has been troubleshooting residential photovoltaic and energy management systems.  He has fixed over 300 grid tied systems that broke for one reason or another.  Many of the top solar companies in Southern California still call him today, when complex issues arise.  


He continues to volunteer his time for Grid Alternatives, a non-profit solar company, installing solar systems on low income family homes in Los Angeles and Ventura County - this keeps him sharp as a whistle!


He has fixed the following problems - and then some:

-  inverter with a red light or yellow light,

-  inverter swapouts,

-  inverter LCD screen won't light up at all,

-  inverter circuit board shorted,

-  ground faults or short circuits,

-  bonding issues,

-  WEEB issues,

-  azimuth issues,

-  tilt issues,

-  roof holes and leaks,

-  installation mistakes,

-  string sizing issues,

-  fuse problems/trip issues,

-  component compatibility issues,

-  load analysis inconsistencies,

-  modules that were wired incorrectly,

-  modules that blew up and shattered,

-  not enough voltage to turn inverter on,

-  system design flaw,

-  solar circuit breaker burned out,

-  combiner box/J box burned (literally burned),

-  combiner box terminations faulty/loose,

-  DC + and - wires switched on + grounded systems,

-  Wireless monitor installation and fixing,

-  CAT 5 installation for hard wire monitors,

-  iPhone application for remote viewing.

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Flir Infrared Camera


We use a Flir infrared camera to help identify hot spots, which helps when filing warranty claims.  It also helps in finding the spots with high resistance, enabling our team to fix the terminations, conductors, BOS, etc., with the end goal of increasing power output, while maintaining a safe and effective system.