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Car Port Charging Station


This retractable reel is a 6.6 kW charging station is engineered with high quality and proven designs to ensure trouble-free performance and long service life.  All components are UL listed and supported by OSHA.  The station delivers Level II (208/240V @ 30A) charging and is compatible with plug-in electric vehicles that comply with the SAE J1772 plug-in electric vehicle charging standard.  


The charging cable has a retractable reel that rewinds when not in use, keeping the cable off the floor – no more tangled cords or trip hazards.  Versatile mounting options are available with each unit.

EEE, Inc. now offers carports with the architectural variations to suit your needs.  We will design, engineer, install and monitor a Structured Solar Support System for your solar ground-mount, carport, or EV Charging system that meets architectural and local building code requirements.

Commercial Solar Carports

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These charging stations are easily installed with these beautiful carports.

Our Blue Ion 2.0 Energy Storage Systems are an intelligent, integrated and interactive way to store and distribute energy that is affordable, efficient, and effective for emergency and uninterrupted power generation, smart demand response management solutions, and utility grid integrated power distribution and generation systems for all industry needs worldwide.


These commercial systems are similar to the residential systems, except they are bigger.  These systems can intelligently deliver the energy on demand to specified locations.  The energy storage data and the dispatched energy information can be

tracked remotely by computer or any web-based

handheld device.


This is the perfect way to hedge your facility's

energy demand against peak utiliity rates.  We can

set up the system to charge the batteries via solar

panels or during the night or early morning from the grid when the rates are the lowest, and use the batteries during the day to service the loads of the facility.  These batteries can be used with or without solar panels.

Grid Tied with Battery Backup

Whether you drive an all-electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus Electric, or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt, this product will work for you.  The easy-to-use controls and retractable cord are the core features electric vehicle owners want most.

About Our Solar Installation Team

We are certified by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practicioners) in solar photovoltaic installation.  


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a volunteer board of renewable energy stakeholder representatives that includes representatives of the solar industry, NABCEP certificants, renewable energy organizations, state policy makers, educational institutions, and the trades. Each member of the board was chosen because of his or her experience and involvement in the solar energy industry. NABCEP’s mission–to support, and work with, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, professionals, and stakeholders–is intended to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners.


NABCEP’s goal is to develop voluntary national certification programs that will:

      •  Promote renewable energy;

      •  Provide value to practitioners;

      •  Promote worker safety and skill; and

      •  Promote consumer confidence


NABCEP is committed to providing a certification program of quality and integrity for the professionals and consumer/public it is designed to serve. Professionals who choose to become certified demonstrate their competence in the field and their commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice.

For installers:

     •  Identifies installers as professionals, instilling consumer confidence in their work

     •  Validates extra resources spent on training and gaining experience

     •  Allows for installer mobility as the market moves from state to state

     •  Allows installers to distinguish their skills and experience in the field


For consumers:

     •  Provides a means to identify qualified installers, promoting confidence in the work performed

     •  Preserves consumer choice, maintaining access to both certified and uncertified installers

Benefits of certification exist for both installers and consumers:

The NABCEP PV installer certification is a voluntary certification that provides a set of national standards by which PV installers with skills and experience can distinguish themselves from their competition. Certification provides a measure of protection to the public by giving them a credential for judging the competency of practitioners. It is not intended to prevent qualified individuals from installing PV systems nor to replace state licensure requirements.


The target candidate for NABCEP certification is the person responsible for the system installation (e.g., contractor, foreman, supervisor, or journeyman).


The NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification has been developed in accordance with the the certification field’s best practices. NABCEP is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.) and has endeavored to follow the requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024: General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Systems of Persons.


NABCEP’s PV Installer Certification is North America’s only renewable energy personnel certification that has been ANSI accredited to the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 17024 standard.

Car Port Charge Station 1 EV charger black

These commercial solar carports encase and conceal the wires so you don't see them.  They not only supply the power needed for the vehicle, but the shade as well, making them versatile and asthetically appealing.  


The carports can be designed with LED lighting to illuminate the area at night for added security to tenants, residents, employees or visitors.  

Commercial Installations 2015

Anaheim City Theater

125 kW


SMA TriPower Inverters


Design, Install, Commission


GRID Alternatives volunteers were hired to help out in furtherance of commercial field workforce training and development.

UCLA Apartment

33 kW



Solar Edge Inverters

with Power Optimizers


Design, Install, Commission


GRID Alternatives volunteers were hired to help out in furtherance of commercial field workforce training and development.

Santa Monica Mall

48 kW



SMA Inverters


Removal, Redesign, Reinstall and Recommission


(Bloomingdales needed to build a movie theater where the solar system was, so two large arrays needed to be removed, and re-engineered and put back on multiple roofs and new, multiple arrays.  Efficiency and reliability is important to us and our customers.) 



GRID Alternatives volunteers were hired to help out in furtherance of commercial field workforce training and development.

NABCEP---small-PV-Seal BI2_POWERALL---ps

This is a 32 kWh Blue Ion 2.0 Energy Storage System with Cloud Monitoring

(fullly scalable up to 428 kWh to meet project needs)

Commercial Troubleshooting 2018

Commercial Rooftop

650 kW


6 Solectria PVI 95kW,

480 VAC,

3 Phase Inverters

2248 SCHOTT ASE-300DGF/50 PV modules (270-310 watts)



System Performance Analysis


Norm from Sengoku Solar helped troubleshoot and analyze the system to increase performance