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Reasons to do Business with Us

•  Re-circulates local dollars.  When you purchase from local businesses, such as ours, more money is kept in our counties because we typically purchase from other local business sources.  Spending locally helps grow numerous businesses, along with our counties' tax base.


•  Creates local jobs.  Local businesses provide the majority of employment opportunities. Let's create green, local jobs, which mean less commuting, less driving and less pollution.


•  Reduces carbon emissions.  Buying locally through us can reduce our communities' and global carbon emissions.  Local products and services tend to use neighboring resources; reducing travel time and results in much less green house gas emissions.

•  Invests in non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.  Investing in healthy products just makes sense.  Using blown in cellulose instead of fiberglass saves lives, using non-toxic chemicals saves lives and investing in a healthier home is the most responsible thing we can do for our childrens' future.


•  Invests in our country.  90% of construction materials used to upgrade homes are made in the United States :)  Together, we can increase that number even higher, giving us back that honorable feeling of "Made in the USA".


•  Improves customer service.  Local businesses often hire people with more specific expertise and generally invest in their employees, which in turn promotes better customer service for our residential and commercial needs.


•  Grows consumer choices locally.  A local economy with thousands of businesses helps to promote more innovation, competition and lower prices over the long term.  Business owners stock products based on what we, their local customers, need and desire.


•  Grows support for nonprofits.  Our business supports non-profits, and, in turn, local business owners are also more inclined to support non-profits.


•  Promotes entrepreneurship.  This is the life blood of America’s economic innovation and prosperity.  Entrepreneurship is a key means for individuals and families to move up the economic ladder.


•  Community supported agriculture. We support our local agriculture, which fosters trust, helps build value based communities, brings people closer to the land and the farm, and reduces carbon emmissions inherent in the transportation used for imports.


•  Keeps local talent local.  The success stories of local businesses provide real life inspiration to young people, demonstrating that they can live and prosper right here in Los Angeles and Ventura County.


•  Strengthens unique local businesses.  Our counties’ appeal and local satisfaction comes from the numerous businesses that can only be found here.


 Spending in our counties means investing in Los Angeles and Ventura County.  Sales tax collected here, at home, returns money to fund our schools, public safety, hospitals, fire departments, recreation and other services.

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In Long Beach, CA, on May 17, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown honored Jeff Trirogoff, Norman (Jeff's Mentor and friend) and the rest of GRID Alternatives for their leadership and commitment to upholding the high standards of ethical and professional practice in the solar industry.  Jeff volunteers as a team leader for the nonprofit organization GRID Alternatives, where he installs solar systems for low income family homes throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties and continues to train others on the quality, integrity and best practices of solar installations. He helped install this 2.4 kW solar system and the homeowner will now pay a net utility bill of $10 per year!  


If you have an idea for a community project, please call or contact us on our  Contact  page and leave us a message.  We look forward to working with you to help build that future we all dream of for our loved ones :)



Jeff Trirogoff, Jerry Brown and GRID Alternatives together, helping to build a sustainable future for us all . . . 1 solar panel at a time!